The types of Financial Aid available at CSUMB are:

Federal and State Grants

  • You may qualify for one or more of the federal or state grants listed as part of your need-based financial aid award:
  • To be considered for the Cal Grant program, you must file the FAFSA and the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form by the state deadline of March 2nd.

Federal Loans

  • We do not expect you to borrow student loans to meet your college costs. However, if you would prefer to borrow rather than work during the academic year, we will assist you in obtaining a student loan. If you request a loan, we will always recommend the best loan program for which you are eligible. Not all students are eligible to borrow from all loan programs. Click on the link above for the individual loan programs to learn about interest rates, fees, repayment terms and other factors that you should consider.

Federal Work Study & Student Employment

  • Federal Work-Study is a federally funded program that provides employment opportunities to students with the highest financial need. Placement is limited.
  • There are a wide variety of job opportunities for students, both on- and off-campus. Most students are paid directly by their employers. Others are paid through the Federal Work-Study program, which includes a component for Community Service Federal Work-Study.   

University Scholarships

  • Another way to help meet your cost of attendance is to obtain outside scholarships. Outside scholarships will reduce your financial responsibility dollar-for-dollar.  

Other types of Aid

  • Presidential Fee Waiver
  • Graduate Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Employee or Cal Vet Fee Waiver
  • Dept. of Rehabilitation Waiver
  • 3rd party - Employment Waiver